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The ‘Penkridge Middle Way’ is our culture of positive behaviour, that we, as a school community, share and strive towards.  It is based on our 3 values (3 E’s) and 3 rules (R, R & S).

Watch our behaviour curriculum Microsoft Sway to read about why we believe in teaching strong routines to build our whole-school culture of positive behaviours.

Meet the Pastoral Staff

Mr R Cole - Deputy Headteacher - Behaviour Lead

Mrs Williams - 


Mrs Howes -

Pastoral Support Manager & Mental Health Lead

Miss Brothwood - Pastoral/SEND Liaison Mentor


Form Teacher - Each student has a form teacher. They are your first line of contact and will be able to provide answers and resolve most queries. Where additional support is required, they are best placed to communicate these messages to the relevant members of staff.

School Values

Our expectation is that you always give 100% effort, offer positive encouragement to others and demonstrate an excellent attitude to learning.




School Rules

We teach students our 3 school rules: ready, respectful, and safe.

To show everyone you are Ready

• Stop, look and listen to the person talking

• Wear the correct school uniform and arrive on time

• Bring all the correct equipment to school and to every class

To show everyone you are Respectful

• Tell the truth

• Speak to all adults and other students in a polite manner

• Listen to others

• Show positive body language

• Care for our school environment

To show everyone you are Safe

• Walk calmly and sensibly around school

• Follow the safety instructions for using equipment in practical activities

• No physical play

• Never talk, or behave, in an aggressive or threatening way to anybody

Praise Systems to Support Behaviour

To acknowledge the efforts of students following the PMS Way there are a range of daily, weekly and termly positives to recognise and promote good behaviours.  


  • Students have the opportunity to earn positive points from all staff every day and every lesson.
  • Staff also recognise students who go over and above and deserve additional merits or even a WAGOLL (What a Good One Looks Like) praise postcard.


  • Form Teachers award a merit at the end of each week for students who have a perfect week (no negatives) and another for those who have achieved 100% attendance. In addition, all eligible students are placed into our 'Feel Good Friday' end of the week prize draw with the chance of winning an extra treat.
  •  Form Teachers also decide on their form ‘Star of the Week’ to recognise the efforts of someone who has embodied the values of the school and shone in their form group. 


Achievement assemblies provide a special opportunity to recognise the success of students and form groups throughout the term with the awarding of certificates and prizes in front of their year group.