Local Governing Committee

As part of Penk Valley Academy Trust, Penkridge Middle School is accountable to the Board of Trustees and its committees. You can find out more about the governance of Penk Valley Academy trust on the trust website www.penkvalley.co.uk.

The trustees have delegated certain matters of governance to a Local Governing Committee in each of its schools.

NameDeclaration of any business or pecuniary interestsDate of appointment
Kevin MaycockChair of Committee03/02/2021
Richard ColeStaff - Penkridge Middle School03/02/2021
Peter DavenportTrustee03/02/2021
Jo Fairclough Headteacher - Wolgarston High School03/02/2021
Natalie FrostHeadteacher - Penkridge Middle School03/02/2021
Mark Graham03/02/2021
Debbie Wynn-Jones03/02/2021
Mark SmithStaff - Penkridge Middle School03/02/2021

Terms of Reference 

If you are interested in joining the Local Governing Committee
then please contact the clerk Lisa Blakeway via office@penkridge.staffs.sch.uk